analog camera

I am on the list to borrow a canon elan 7e (if I recall) film camera.  I’ll likely mount my 50mm f/1.8 to this body and use only that.  The temptation to use the 28-135 IS will be there, of course.

What I am not sure about is, how will this help my photography.  The workflow will be, shoot, get film processsed somewhere, scan them in with some undetermined scanner, head to photoshop.  Currently with digital it is shoot, download, head to photoshop.

So the question is, what will be my take away from this experience…..

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  1. Well….what were you able to take away from the experience? Did you notice any difference processing the actual image vs. a computer’s interpretaion of one? While wildly different in theory, what do we really know of the actual differences in the two? ~ Leah 🙂

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