Compaq Presario 1925

NEWS: This machine is no longer working, Funny what water will do.

This is where I will put information about my experiences with the Compaq Presario 1925 notebook

there is a nice compaq page about this machine.

For pcmcia support I use yenta_socket.o

Well, I was wrong about wanting to run FreeBSD 5 on this notebook. It was just a touch unstable for me. It will be a dual boot Win2k and Debian machine. Here is the XF86Config in case anyone was wondering. There is nothing special about this file, it’s the way debconf created it.

Currently I will be dual booting with Windows 2000 and FreeBSD V 5 for the cardbus support. If you don’t need cardbus, I recommend running 4.5 (or the current stable version)

2004-01-04 Round 2 with FreeBSD, this time on a 20G drive, this time the only OS on that drive. Sound is still an issue, It’s working, to a point, using the mss driver.

It used to be that to get sound working, device pcm worked. The last time I tried, something was wrong. Not sure about freebsd and sound support. The best bet may be the 4front oss drivers for all unix variants. To get sound working in FreeBSD just add “device pcm” to your kernel config file and recompile

The only sound drivers for linux I got working were the OpenSound Drivers from 4front Technologies

Windows 2000 runs without any issues on this machine. Sound/Modem/Video all work with the built in drivers. I saw some people had trouble with it, that seemed to be due to an old bios version. software dvd playback is good with both WinDVD and PowerDVD.

NetBSD and OpenBSD both have trouble with the sound driver. It gets detected wrong and locks the machine. I didn’t spend much time with either of these.