Yet Another Thumb Perl Script

07 Nov 2003, so I have forsaken for gallery. Any of my new work will be added to that now. I may still do some work on this script.

17 Jul 2003, ok, so the updates haven’t happened that soon, but they will be soon 🙂

14 Aug 2002, there are some bugs in the script(pertaining to spaces and such), expect updates soon

17 May 2002, Rename project to


Ok, here goes, the sort, short, short, short version: ftp files to a directory, run script, it generates a web page and thumbnail images.


You can see this script in action on my images pages. All but the Defcon9 and H2K2 Galleries were created with this script.

My original intention was to make minor modifications to
However, I found bash less than optimal for what I wanted to do.
Of course it can’t have anything to do with any lack of understanding on my part.

Enter the idea for using Perl. Well, that’s great, but I had never
used Perl before. Thus began my trek to learn Perl.

I am currently working on V 0.0.1 of It is an adaptation of Which I think is a great script, but I wanted to be able to
sort the files by name. I set out to do this in bash, but we all know how
a loop spawns child process, thus any vars (think array) get ‘lost’.

Of course, there probably is a way to do this in bash, but I did want
to learn Perl, so this was a good excuse.

The original script can be found at

Version History

0.0.1 – First release, tried to keep it as close as possible to This version is not very well tested.

0.0.2 – added check for ImageMagick version

0.0.3 – added footer option (Only works with php)

0.0.4 – added ability to use either .html or .php (html being the default)

0.0.5: added command line options (Yes, these should be documented)

0.0.6: added html page for each image containing prev/index/next links (July 2003)


Send any questions, comments, or changes to George


Text version of my script.

gzipd tar of my script. Version 0.0.4 (less likely to have problems)

Newest Version — Version 0.0.6


I need to change the name, I discovered this project. (done)

Add in more error checking. I left a few checks from out.

use PerlMagick instead of the ImageMagick system hacks. (why?)

Test for version 4.2 or 5.4 of ImageMagick. (done)